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Ex-MSNBC host Touré goes on EXTREME tirade: ‘Trumpy KKKlaus’ to ‘make America white again’

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In an op-ed published by Huffington Post, former MSNBC host Touré Neblett called Donald Trump “the leader of the White Lives Matter movement,” sarcastically suggesting someone had to start it because blacks in America are “gettin’ a little too free.”

But it gets better, as the progressive zealot NBC chose to elevate to a national level borrows from the pages of the left’s critical race theory.

Touré — he likes to go by his first name only — referred to the Republican presidential front-runner as “Trumpy KKKlaus,” bearing a bag of gifts for white supremacists.

This is, of course, the same person who was forced to apologize after accusing 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney of “trying to use racial coding” when he called President Barack Obama “angry,” characterizing this as “ni**erization.”

And Touré’s race baiting skills are just as sharp in 2016.

“He gave them swagger. He gave them unadulterated machismo — Trump is the most macho presidential contender ever,” he wrote. “And Trumpy KKKlaus reminded them that a white man who employs good ol’ fashioned white toughness is unstoppable.”

Touré capitalized on the violence seen at recent Trump campaign rallies to further rip the candidate.

“And everywhere he looks there’s someone to fight,” he said. “In Trump’s mind, everything in society is aligned against white men — Washington, Mexico, China, Democrats, Black Lives Matter, everything; it’s a total disaster. So little time, so many asses to kick. Entitlement is a powerful drug and Trump’s a big-time dealer.”

Naturally, Touré laid this all at the feet of the Republican Party, saying Trump is the result of “Republican race baiting …and decades of the GOP welcoming racists in their tent.”

Yes, according to the former MSNBC host, Trump doesn’t want to make America great again, he wants to “Make America White Again.”

And to think that NBC gave this man a national platform night after night.

Touré goes on the suggest white Americans are feeling insecure because they’re losing their “dominant status.” A feeling that culminated with the election of Barack Obama in 2008, thus Trump in now being elevated as a course correction:

“So where the 2008 election seemed like shocking proof of how non-racist we were, the pendulum has now swung back hard and 2016 is shocking proof of how racist some of us still are. And those phenomena – the rise of Obama and the rise of Trump – are completely interlinked. The Trump phenomenon is occurring in response to the rise of Obama, like a correction or a reversion to the mean. Or a people trying to reassert the status they feel they’ve lost. And now the people who feel most disaffected by the success of Obama are screaming loud to make sure that this time they’re heard: “White Lives Matter.”


Astonishingly, he goes on to say white pride could be as uplifting as black pride, if only the white man didn’t have to “devalue” his black and brown cousins — never mind the whole “hate whitey” vibe coming from the left. He urges the white man to “steal ‘white pride’ from the Klan and rechristen it as a new white pride that has no time for hate.”

“I want to see white people who are against the Trump movement snatch White Lives Matter from him and turn it into something that uplifts without oppressing anyone,” he concludes.


Tom Tillison


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