Megyn Kelly touts great ratings without Trump; he doesn’t take kindly to it

On the same day Donald Trump called for a boycott of “The Kelly File,” Fox News host Megyn Kelly did a segment on the unprecedented amount of free media coverage the Republican presidential front-runner gets and how some in the media are more focused on the ratings he delivers than on challenging him.

Ratings that Kelly says she gets without him.

Kelly said Trump is “not the end all, be all,” noting that the Fox News debate the candidate sat out, was competitive in ratings with the debates he participated in just before and after.

“Many shows would get a pop if they put him on,” Kelly told guest Jorge Ramos. “I would submit to you that I’m the second-highest-rated show in all of cable news and I haven’t had Trump on in seven months. It can be done.”

Fox News called Trump out on Friday for his “extreme, sick obsession” with Kelly, and for his “endless barrage of crude and sexist verbal assaults.”

But Trump shows no signs of letting up, responding on Twitter to Kelly’s charge that her ratings are fine without him by saying that’s because she’s always talking about him.

Tom Tillison


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