Conservatives Against Trump release statement; advocate Republican ‘unity ticket’

A group of prominent Republicans attended a private meeting in an effort to stop Donald Trump from securing the Republican nomination.

The group met Thursday following an invitation sent out to “strategize” ways to defeat the GOP front-runner and possibly pick a third party alternative, reported BizPac Review. founder Erick Erickson released a statement by Conservatives Against Trump following their meeting to ensure that a “real conservative candidate is elected.”

“We believe that the issue of Donald Trump is greater than an issue of party. It is an issue of morals and character that all Americans, not just those of us in the conservative movement, must confront,” the statement read in part. “We call for a unity ticket that unites the Republican Party.”

In a separate writing, Erickson minced no words in saying, “I have signed no oath of loyalty to Donald Trump or the GOP,” adding that Trump’s values are “diametrically opposed” to his own.

“Essentially, Donald Trump is gold-plated sleaze and I have no use for him at all, ever,” Erickson wrote.

“If that means Hillary Clinton becomes President of the United States, Donald Trump’s supporters can carry that burden. Everyone saw it coming except for them. If they wish to transform the Republican Party into something it is not nor ever has been, then I will part ways with the GOP.”

“I’m a Christian first and a conservative before I’m a Republican,” said Erickson. “Principle still matters to me. Donald Trump does not.”


Frieda Powers


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