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Mexican cartel posting flyers to recruit due to labor shortage – too many men went to USA

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There are so many young men from Mexico pouring across the southern border, the same border that President Barack Obama assures us is “secure,” that the drug cartels find themselves dealing with a labor shortage.

That’s the opinion of a security specialist in reaction to a Mexican drug cartel’s “brazen decision to use street flyers to recruit new members in central Mexico,” CNS News reported.

National university professor Raul Guillermo Benitez Manaut said the labor shortage may be due to men leaving to find work in the U.S.

He pointed out that in the area where the cartel operates — northern Michoacán, northern Guanajuato and southern Jalisco — the population is 70 percent female, according to CNS News.

Which may prove to be a haven for single men, if they can survive the bloody drug business: the murder rate in Mexico is about 14 per 100,000 people, higher than the U.S. rate of about five per 100,000, according to Reuters, which notes that many deaths are never reported because of corrupt law enforcement.

Nevertheless, business is booming.

Benitez said the New Generation cartel is expanding to take advantage of a vacuum created by the Mexican government’s success in eradicating a neighboring drug cartel.

But he said the unprecedented move to advertise with flyers was a “desperate” measure and was “very risky” because it allowed for government infiltration into the gang.

The Associate Press reported that the positions advertised are for guards and bodyguards with a fictitious security firm, but recruits are inducted into the cartel after undergoing arms training.

Benitez said cartels are usually not so risky, relying instead on word of mouth to attract new members.

“They normally recruit using family members, to be safer,” he said. “Normally, it is done through friends or acquaintances. Now they are doing it openly, deceiving people obviously, but openly.”

Tom Tillison


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