Team Trump defends denying access to ‘glorified blogger’

A spokesperson for Donald Trump, who was responding to reports that journalists may be denied entry into some of the Republican candidate’s events, defended decisions by the campaign.

Katrina Pierson said many reporters are just “glorified bloggers” who are “trying to start trouble” in an appearance on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” on Tuesday.

“Is this what we’re going to see under a Trump presidency?” Kelly asked, relating how a Politico reporter was denied access Tuesday after writing an “unflattering” story on Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. “Denial to reporters of access to cover him if they write something that is negative about him or his lieutenants?”

“If you have a reporter that is not really reporting, just doing constant hit pieces for no reason, then that’s something we need to look at,” Pierson said. “We have a lot of reporters who essentially have just been glorified bloggers who aren’t really interested in covering the campaign or the race for that matter, they’re just out there trying to start trouble.”

Kelly asked if Trump understood the First Amendment right of freedom of speech and adding, “you don’t get to snuff that out when you’re the President of the United States.”

Watch the comments in the video below.



Frieda Powers


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