Reagan’s son lambasts Obama for skipping Nancy’s funeral

Political commentator Michael Reagan lambasted President Obama for his decision to skip Nancy Reagan’s funeral.

“It would’ve been nice if he would’ve honored Nancy and been there, but I’m not surprised, again,” said Reagan, the eldest son of President Ronald Reagan, in an interview on Newsmax TV on Tuesday.

“Imagine if Nancy were a Democrat, liberal — or if Ronald Reagan was — he probably would be there,” said Reagan.

The funeral service for Nancy Reagan, who died Sunday at age 94, will be held Friday, but President Obama will be attending a South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Texas instead.

“Sometimes, there’s a right thing to do,” Reagan told host J.D. Hayworth, “it seems that Barack Obama has never learned the right thing to do.”

“Whether you agree with something or not, sometime it’s just the right thing to do. He just keeps on missing the ball on that one.”

Listen to Reagan’s comments in the video below.


Frieda Powers


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