No scapegoat! Limbaugh answers conservative hypocrites blaming him for not taking Trump out

YouTube screengrab.

The more entrenched Republican Party elites dig in against Donald Trump, the more he rises.

Conservative icon Rush Limbaugh is firing back at critics who are blasting the radio show host for going soft on Trump.

Limbaugh is under an increased amount of pressure from fellow prominent conservatives to denounce the rogue GOP frontrunner. Because, as they see it, if there’s anyone who could put a hitch in Trump’s step, it would be an influential radio personality with millions of devoted fans.

Limbaugh explained on Wednesday how he’s unfairly being coined a “sellout” by many in the GOP elite for supposedly contributing to the rise of Trump. He was quick to point out the hypocrisy.

“They’re out there ripping Ted Cruz as much as they’re ripping me and Trump. I don’t see them endorsing anybody.”

Limbaugh continued to use his sizable airwaves to tell his critics it might be time to check themselves in the mirror because he’s no scapegoat.

“They turn to me as a source of blame for the fact that Trump hasn’t been taken out, despite the fact that they’ve tried,” he said.

“But I don’t see where they’ve endorsed other people. I don’t see where they have actually engaged in the behavior they demand that I engage in.”

He also warned the establishment that their tactics, like Romney’s anti-Trump speech, have only backfired.

Sounds like it’s a whole different set of rules for those who opine from afar, dictate what others should do, and conspire in closed-door meetings as compared to someone who is frankly and openly commenting on his observations of the working-class voting electorate.


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