‘I’m completely speechless’: Students make stand against atheist bullies who ‘invaded’ school

This time it’s not just parents fighting atheist bullies who have nothing better to do than troll schools for possible signs of peaceful religious camaraderie.

After getting wind that students at a middle school in Hollister, Missouri, were praying with a minister before lunch, the Freedom From Religion Foundation lodged another tiresome complaint demanding the practice be stopped, declaring the practice unconstitutional.

The FFRF referenced a video on their website stating how a pastor “invaded” a public school to pray with students. But just who exactly is doing the invading?

The pastor is from a local youth ministry called K-LIFE, and FFRF is demanding K-LIFE cease from visiting the school and the organized lunchtime prayer be stopped.

But the students had other ideas.

In a tremendous act of solidarity, a campaign was started on social media to keep the prayers going – with or without the pastors.

Facebook began to grow with pictures of students praying at the school accompanied with the hashtag #praywithhollister.

Ever wonder what kind of impact a group of kids showing glory to God looks like? It’s amazing, I’m completely speechless…

Posted by Emily Richardson on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

So proud of these students! And I’m so glad I teach where I do!

Posted by Ashley Lewis on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Local news station KOLR 10 was told by Superintendent Brian Wilson that students have an open forum during lunch where college reps, ministers, and parents are allowed to visit students.

While Wilson indicated to KOLR that K-Live’s minister went beyond school policy, he maintained the incident was a “non-issue.”

FFRF’s Patrick Elliott said he’s not buying it. “Youth pastors have had unrestricted access to students during the school day,” he says, “to be able to befriend [students], and ultimately recruit them for their religious groups,” Elliot told KOLR.

Elliot said FFRF is considering legal options. “At this point it’s unresolved,” he said.

Good luck getting passed the kids.

H/T: The Blaze.


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