Video: Five women duke it out on in-air flight

It looks like the rampant insanity taking over much of the earthly realm has found its way into the skies.

Passengers flying across the country got way more than they bargained for when a nasty brawl broke out between five “women.”

Spirit Airlines Flight 141 had departed from Baltimore and was on its way to LA when two reportedly “intoxicated” women started to play music on their “boom box,” LA Times reported.

After several complaints from fellow passengers, three women approached the duo and demanded they turn the music down.

It didn’t take long before the argument turned into a full-on fight, and passengers were at the ready – with their cell phones.

Luckily, flight attendants were able to defuse the situation before anyone was seriously injured.

Upon arrival, the FBI was called in as standard procedure; surprisingly, no one involved was charged or arrested, the Times reported.


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