CNN’s Anderson Cooper confronts Trump on ‘steak-gate’ in one-on-one

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump sat down on Wednesday with CNN’s Anderson Cooper and it didn’t take long for “steak-gate” to come up in the discussion.

In response to criticism from Mitt Romney about his business acumen, Trump displayed a number of products while giving his victory speech on Tuesday after winning several GOP primary races — the layout included Trump wines, Trump water, and cuts of meat said to be Trump steaks.

As it turns out, the steaks were bought from a local meat supplier, West Palm Beach-based Bush Brothers Provision Co.

“A couple of factual things, the steaks you showed, those aren’t actually Trump steaks, right?” Cooper asked the candidate.

“Oh no, they’re Trump, no, I buy them — I’m not going to kill the cow,” Trump replied.

“We sell the steaks through my clubs,” Trump insisted. “They are available nationwide. You can buy them at different places that I own. I own many, many places.”

Listen to the full response via CNN:

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