Trump answers naysayers; lays out what makes him ‘really very conservative’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump refuted his critics’s claims that he is not a true conservative.

“I’m really very conservative when you get right down to it,” the GOP front-runner said on Fox News’ “Hannity” on Monday, responding to the question of how his views classify him as a conservative candidate.

“I don’t like labels necessarily, because a label doesn’t mean very much,” said Trump. “But when it comes to being conservative, I happen to be conservative.”

Trump explained that his position is decidedly conservative on issues like energy and trade.

“Nobody is more conservative when it comes to trade than I am. I want to make sure that the United States gains something,” he said. “We want smart trade. We want trade that’s going to be beneficial for us, not just suck all our jobs and our money out of our system.”

He also pointed to his “very very” conservative stand on the military, saying he wants “a very strong military” as it is currently depleted, and that “our vets are not taken care of properly.”

Calling Obamacare a “total and complete disaster for this country,” Trump said he would “repeal and replace Obamacare,” pointing out that many alternatives exist like the health care savings plan that he said is “so simple.”

The real estate mogul added that his position on education also makes him a conservative, promising to remove Common Core standards and return education to the local level.

See his comments in the video below.

Frieda Powers


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