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Michael Moore FINALLY admits Dem leadership destroys cities – check out his rubuke

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Whoa! Pigs have wings, hell has frozen over, and the cows have finally come home.

Far-left loon and occasional filmmaker Michael Moore devoured his own kind Sunday. In an uncharacteristic moment of understanding, he placed the blame for Flint, Michigan’s lead-tainted water supply squarely where it belongs — at the feet of the Democratic Party.

Prior to the Democratic presidential debate held there, Flint-native Moore took to Twitter to reveal what, for him, was a revelation, but something conservatives have known all along.

Reading that, you can almost see the light bulb switching on over his head: Decades of progressive politics lead to regression, not progression. And others applauded him for finally seeing the light — with an occasional correction.

But Moore wasn’t finished.

However, his moment of insight was all too brief. After blaming decades of the city’s Democratic rule for the water crisis, he demanded that Gov. Rick Snyder, a Republican who had nothing to do with the problem, be arrested.

Of course, people saw right through that one.

Given that, one person came up with a better idea.

H/T: IJ Review


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