CNN analyst insists Trump will put Americans in internment camps

CNN political commentator and Daily Beast columnist Sally Kohn has come up with the best reason yet not to support Donald Trump — he might imprison you in an internment camp.


The liberal analyst was part of a CNN panel offering live coverage of Saturday’s GOP primary election when she commented on the media’s ongoing focus on Trump.

“So a fine line between covering a candidate and amplifying a candidate, and, I’m sorry, but yes, Donald Trump may be the Republican front-runner, [but] I still think we’re giving him way too much attention in proportion to the other candidates who also had victories to celebrate tonight,” Kohn said.

She then took her hyperbole to another level.

“And I’m worried,” Kohn continued. “When he institutes internment camps and suspends habeas, we’ll all look back and feel pretty bad.”

Tom Tillison


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