Michelle Malkin’s FIERY CPAC speech has crowd booing ‘nice guy’ candidate

Moments after John Kasich spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington D.C., Michelle Malkin slammed the Ohio governor for his stand on Common Core standards in education.

“My job is not to tell people what they want to hear but what they need to hear,” Malkin said on Friday. “We just had Governor John Kasich — a nice guy by all means — who last night during the debate pretended he was on the side of local control.”

The conservative author slammed Kasich as crowds booed the governor. “Ohio grassroots activists and moms know better. This is a man who smeared home-schoolers and teachers” she said, “for their opposition to Common Core.”

“I am telling you the truth,” the senior editor for the Conservative Review continued.

“I am asking you to do your homework. I’m asking you to follow the money. I know it’s not what you want to hear. But do you want to hear the same Republicans promise you as they have been since 1981 that they’re going to abolish the Federal Department of Education? It’s an empty talking point. And those talking points need to be punctured like helium balloons.”

Malkin pointed to former candidate Jeb Bush’s “cashing in on Common Core” as a part of the reason his campaign failed.

“People talk about the Establishment without naming names. I do that,” she said, calling out “front groups in D.C. that are cashing in and selling out American parents and taxpayers on things like Common Core.”

“It’s the National Governors’ Association for Common Core. They were in the backrooms hiring Clinton-era education ideologues. Radicals who do not believe in the constitutional principle of local control of education and the sovereignty of our families,” she said.

Slamming Republicans, like Kasich and Bush, of conspiring with the establishment on Common Core, Malkin said they “threw us under the bus.” And it was conservative, grassroots activists — most of whom were “ordinary moms” — Malkin said, “who shamed the Republican Party elites into backing away.”

Watch Malkin’s speech in the video below.

Frieda Powers


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