Woman is returned creepy advice letter in place of stolen cash after losing wallet

The return of the contents a lost wallet did not turn out to be a happy occasion for one woman who received an unwanted bit of advice from the alleged thief.

Two days after losing her wallet while running errands with her baby, a California woman got an envelope in the mail containing her drivers license and credit cards. The package also contained a note, Inside Edition reported.

“Shop less, enjoy more, don’t keep too much cash on your wallet, keep your wallet safe,” the sassy note said.

“I had started reading this letter and thought, ‘You have got to be kidding me,'” Rachel Maestri said. “It really creeps me out that someone did something so personal” in returning the items.

The end of the note was a bit more direct, saying “P.S. Do your own nails. Stop splurging your money & SAVE.”

The package was postmarked just two hours after the wallet was stolen, but the Louis Vuitton wallet – a gift from Maestri’s mother- was not returned, Inside Edition reported. A Target gift card and $350 cash was also not returned because, as the note said, “My sister really needed the money so she is keeping it.”

Maestri was surprised at “somebody who’s stealing thousands of dollars worth of stuff to tell me that I’m too materialistic.”  She added that she felt “violated to have someone act like they know me.”

Watch the story in the video below.

Frieda Powers


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