Fireworks flare from first moment of contentious David Duke interview; ‘The Klan is irrelevant!’

David Duke did not even get past the television introduction to an interview before objecting, and ultimately exploding, at the show’s host.

Duke interrupted Newsmax TV host Steve Malzberg as he was finishing the introduction of the former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard and former Louisiana state representative on Wednesday. Duke complained that the late Democratic senator Robert Byrd, also a former KKK member, never had to be introduced in the same way, adding that “the media does this as a way to defame me.”

“I was in the Klan 40 years ago,” Duke said. “I was also in the House of Representatives.”

Malzberg questioned if Duke had a problem with Jews or blacks and reminded him that he was, after all, a KKK grand wizard at one time.

“The Klan is irrelevant!” Duke said as he began to shout. “I am not in the Klan! Do you understand that?”

“But you were,” Malzberg pressed. “You were the grand wizard of the Klan!”

Malzberg attempted to shift to the main topic of Donald Trump as Duke went on about the “controlled media” and how CNN contributor Van Jones is not introduced as a former communist.

“Let me finish! Let me finish!” Duke said. “Let me finish please! Let me finish my statement!’

Malzberg spoke over Duke’s rant, saying, “I want to get to Donald Trump! I can’t play by your rules. I don’t want to waste time on this!”

“We don’t have to do the interview,” Duke said, exasperated, “and I’ll just play this tape, what’s happening here today, to my people on the Internet. If that’s what you want. That’s fine.”

After another attempt by Malzberg to move on, Duke continued to shout.

“I want to answer your question! If I don’t have an opportunity to answer your question fully — I haven’t said one complete sentence hardly without you interrupting me,” Duke said.

Once he unloaded about the “unfair standard” used against him, Duke finally went on to discuss Donald Trump and took some credit for the GOP frontunner’s recent success in the polls.

Watch the full interview in the video below.




Frieda Powers


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