Blinded by Rubio-rage, Sean Hannity makes mistake; picks fight with literally the WRONG guy

Sean Hannity seems a bit touchy these days.

Hannity has been taking heat from critics for what they see as favorable treatment toward Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump and the issue came to a head Wednesday when the Fox News host took to social media to call Politico senior writer Marc Caputo an “a**hole.”

But it appears that Hannity’s hostility was entirely misplaced.

Caputo posted a quote highly critical of Hannity from an angry, unidentified staffer of Trump’s rival Marco Rubio:

*Caution: Strong Language

But in a rush to defend himself, Hannity didn’t appear to grasp that these were not Caputo’s words. After repeating a charge Rubio’s opponents make, that he is a “pawn for the establishment,” Hannity turned both barrels on the reporter:

After Hannity had time to think about his comment on Rubio — and take a breath — he tried to walk back his unequivocal condemnation of the candidate by blaming the “liberal media.” (For the record, Caputo, a former Miami Herald reporter, is not seen as a raging lib.)

Then, in a display of arrogance that would make Trump proud, Hannity dismissed his new-found adversary:

Along with not being a raging liberal, Caputo is also not one to take a punch lying down. With Hannity all but showing his cards, the reporter responded a short time later with the ammunition he was handed:

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