Where the candidates stand after Super Tuesday, simplified


Super Tues
Photo: CNN Last update 4:05 AM, March 2

If you’re looking for the short version of what happened on Super Tuesday, here’s what you need to know:

Donald Trump won in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Massachusetts, Virginia, Arkansas and Vermont.

Cruz carried his home state of  Texas, scored a win in Oklahoma and Alaska. He’ll add those wins to last month’s Iowa victory.

Marco Rubio was almost declared the biggest loser by every pundit in America before he hit a Minnesota win.

Ben Carson and John Kasich have predictably become irrelevant, but both have promised to stay in the race.

And, no big surprise, Hillary mopped the floor with Bernie Sanders.

The fallout is complicated. Each campaign is spinning the situation to suit them.

Check out Fox News’ simplified election chart here for more details.



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