CNN to Ted Cruz: If you really believe it, what took so long to call Trump a phony and stop being cozy?

CNN’s Dana Bash confronted Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz over a change in tone of his campaign in recent weeks towards front-runner Donald Trump.

“If you think Donald Trump is so antithetical to conservatism, what took you so long to say so?” Bash asked. “Because you really cozied up to him for the majority of this campaign.”

The question elicited a chuckle from the Texas senator.

“For the last couple of months I’ve been taking Donald on directly,” Cruz said. “In fact, in the last few debates, prior to this one last week, nobody else was willing to jump into the fray.”

Cruz went on to explain that early on in the presidential race he was focused on building a strong enough base to take on Trump.

Bash replied by asking Cruz if he waited too long.

“Not remotely,” Cruz countered, explaining that defining who Trump is as a candidate is “an ongoing conversation.”

Tom Tillison


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