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Guess what network just gave fired Ted Cruz spokesman a job?

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Rick Tyler, the former communications director for Ted Cruz, has found a new home at MSNBC as a political contributor.

Tyler made his debut on “Meet The Press Daily” on Friday, discussing with Chuck Todd the fallout from his dismissal from the Cruz campaign last week after posting a story on social media that portrayed Marco Rubio as disrespectful of the Bible.

“I’m not mad about it. I’m fine with it,” Tyler said about his “error” in judgement that misquoted Rubio in a post. Though Tyler issued an apology and took full responsibility, the damage was done as the backlash erupted over Cruz and his campaign tactics.

Though the Texas senator was disappointed with him, Tyler noted they have maintained friendships and the team took him out following the firing. “It was a little bit like being at your own funeral,” he said.

Discussing the volatile culture of social media, Tyler said “You are two syllables from your next job,” though he added that he would not trade the campaign experience for the world.

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