Focus group has message for GOP if Trump wins Super Tuesday

A Donald Trump victory on Super Tuesday should be met with a united GOP behind him, said a focus group of Republican Texas voters.

Pollster Frank Luntz asked the voters if they thought Trump’s possible win “of all but one or two states” should be definitive, in a segment on Fox News’ “The Kelly File,” on Friday. Members of the group overwhelmingly agreed that, if the GOP front-runner is victorious in polls on Tuesday, the party should unite behind him.

“We have to unite because the Democrats want us divided,” one man said. “We can’t stand divided.”

One of the voters believed that the results of Tuesday’s primaries, which will be held in 12 states, should not be the end of the selection process as other states still needed to weigh in, but another man disagreed.

“Perpetuating this process just damages the ultimate candidate by giving the Democrats more fodder,” he said.

The group agreed that infighting in the Republican party was counter productive as the candidates attack each other but gain no ground against their Democratic rivals.

The 23 members of the group were in almost complete agreement that electability was more important than policy for any candidate who would be facing Hillary Clinton.

“So even in Texas,” Luntz concluded, “- one of the most conservative states in the country – they still want to beat Hillary Clinton.”

Watch more in the Fox video, below.


Frieda Powers


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