Naked Pamela Anderson talks politics, brainwashing and Hitler

Who knew 48 could look so good.

With raunchiness at a premium in pop culture today, the only way to draw attention to oneself is to get naked… and former “Baywatch” babe Pam Anderson did just that while discussing politics.

Leaving nothing to chance, the original sex-tape queen tossed in a reference to Adolph Hitler.

“We have to know the past, to think of the future. We live in a paradise,” Anderson told Paper magazine. “Politicians are telling us it’s OK. Media prints what politicians say. It’s not OK.”

The longtime animal rights activist was peddling a pair of “cruelty free shoes” (which are non-leather vegan shoes) — not that her bright red shoes garner much attention in the accompanying photo.

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“We have to take charge, demonstrate. Act up!” the 48-year-old Anderson said. “Beware people that repeat themselves over and over. It is a brainwashing trick used by Hitler.”

But the sex she’s selling to get noticed? Nah, there’s no indoctrination going on there.

“Vegan compassion is sexy,” she added. “All we can do as humans, as consumers, is search for the truth on our own … Go vegan if you can. Or at least eat less meat.”

And one for good measure.

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