Butcher gets prison time for selling TONS of pork to unsuspecting Muslims

A butcher who got caught serving the wrong kind of meat is now going to be serving time behind bars.

A butcher from Zurich, Switzerland, will be spending six months behind bars for selling 3.1 tons of pork to Muslim customers over the course of several years. He was charged with “fraud and misrepresentation,” according to Ennahar Online.

“If customers had known it was pork, they would not have bought it,” the prosecutor handling the case said, according to Morocco World News.com.

The consumption of pork products is forbidden by Islam, and the Muslims were reportedly told by the butcher that they were buying, and ultimately consuming, halal veal. The butcher will also have to pay 18,000 Swiss francs as part of his crime — which may not be hard to come up with since he was making bank on the scheme.

Pork is far less expensive than veal, but it was not disclosed if money was the sole motivation for the deception.


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