Huge Nevada turnout overwhelms polling stations; mass chaos leads to charges of voter fraud

Whether it’s the frustration of seven and a half years of President Barack Obama or the influx of popular personalities into this year’s presidential election, results in Iowa and South Carolina show Republican voters are turning out in droves to vote.

A trend that continued on Tuesday in Nevada, a state that normally doesn’t see high voter turnout. PBS’s Jon Ralston noted on Twitter that the number of pre-registered ballots alone topped 2012:


The heavy turnout resulted in pandemonium at the polls, according to some reports.

In addition to caucus workers wearing campaign gear of preferred candidates, there were reports that no one was checking IDs, and that ballots were being handed out “willy nilly,” allowing caucus-goers to vote twice.

Those observations came from Mashable political reporter Emily Cahn, who reported in a series of posts on Twitter that is was “chaos.” After sharing that conservative firebrand Glenn Beck was expected to be at the caucus location she was at, she included photos of the lines.


Los Angeles Times reporter Kurtis Lee posted a video capturing a busy scene at a different location:


And all those people resulted in a “disaster,” as one voter described it:


A Roll Call photographer also noted the “chaos” at the scene:


But the chaos didn’t stop one woman from exercising a little old fashion American ingenuity:


Tom Tillison


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