Hollywood libs fight over ‘English only’ at Dem caucus; Susan Sarandon calls Hispanic actress’ story untrue

We have definitely entered the silly season of the 2016 presidential election, as was seen over the weekend when of all people, it took Hollywood liberal Susan Sarandon to bring clarity to an ugly incident at a Nevada caucus site.

The brouhaha began when supporters of Hillary Clinton claimed that Bernie Sanders supporters dissed Hispanics by chanting “English only” when labor leader Dolores Huerta agreed to translate for audience members who did not speak English, according to Uproxx.

Actress America Ferrera, a Hillary supporter, posted this comment on social media:

Huerta confirmed that assessment shortly after with a couple tweets of her own:

This prompted Sarandon, a fierce Sanders supporter, to enter the fray, insisting no one was screaming “English only:” they were shouting for a “neutral” translator instead of a translator who supported Hillary — the trust factor being what it is with the candidate:

The actress then linked to a rather long video to support her case, but the relevant portion is captured here:

According to Erin Cruz, who is a volunteer and independent observer, when an acceptable translator could not be identified, the caucus official moved on.

“The caucus chair said, ‘Since there’s no consensus on a translator, the caucus will be conducted in English only,’” Cruz said, according to Uproxx.

Oh, by the way, Clinton won Saturday’s Nevada Caucus 52.6 to 47.3.

Tom Tillison


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