Trump sends Jermaine Jackson into ‘fool’ rant over brother Michael: ‘Friends don’t . . .’

Jermaine Jackson slammed Donald Trump for his comments about his late brother Michael, accusing the candidate of name-dropping in order to get votes.

At a CNN Republican town hall in South Carolina Thursday, Trump mentioned Michael Jackson when asked about his favorite music, adding that the singer was “a very good friend of mine.” The GOP candidate went on to say he “knew the real story of Michael Jackson.”

“He lost all his confidence. Honestly because of bad, bad, bad surgery,” Trump said.

Jackson’s brother Jermaine lashed out at Trump in a series of  tweets, accusing him of “peddling b.s. theories” and using “botched facts” in order to secure votes.

Jackson later took issue with TMZ, clarifying that he never said Trump and his brother were not friends.

Trump, usually quite vocal on Twitter,  has not replied to Jackson’s tweets.

Frieda Powers


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