Trump schools Hillary how to answer do you ‘always tell the truth’ question

Donald Trump is emphatic about his ability to tell the truth, declaring to Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren that he never lies.

On Friday’s “On the Record, ” Van Susteren asked Trump if he ever lied to the American people, following up on the hype over the question put to Hillary Clinton by CBS’s Scott Pelley about whether she always told the truth.

While Clinton floundered with her reply that she never intended to lie and did not believe she ever had, Trump was quick to respond about his record.

“I don’t lie,” the GOP candidate answered immediately. “In fact, if anything, you know, I’m so truthful that it gets me in trouble. They say I’m too truthful.”

Watch Van Susteren’s interview below. Trump’s statement on telling the truth begins at the 14:00 mark:


Frieda Powers


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