Obituary for Hillary Clinton sparks FBI investigation in Vegas

While it’s almost certain the intent was a political statement on the state of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the Secret Service didn’t take lightly the effort of a Nevada man to place an obituary of the candidate in the local newspaper

Identifying himself as Don Schubert, the man walked into the lobby of the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Friday and filled out a standard obituary form listing the deceased as Hillary Rodham Clinton, according to the newspaper.

Schubert gave the date of death as Saturday, February 20, 2016, the date of the state’s Democratic Party presidential caucuses.

His action was unnerving enough for the Review-Journal to report it as a possible threat to Clinton.

Turns out, Schubert has some history with the newspaper, having called just last month to complain about the customary coin flips that determined the outcome of some Iowa caucuses in Clinton’s favor.

Contacted later by the Review-Journal, Schubert acknowledged that he heard from the Secret Service.

He told the agency the obituary was “political humor,” based on the presumption that Clinton would lose the Nevada caucuses.

The Secret Service declined comment, but Schubert said that while the agency wasn’t planning to arrest him, he was told it was a possibility.

Tom Tillison


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