Judge Pirro lays into Geraldo after vomit-inducing Hillary remarks

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera and Judge Jeanine Pirro got into a heated exchange Friday on “Outnumbered” while discussing Hillary Clinton’s overriding problem with trust… and it didn’t take long for Benghazi to come up.

While it pained him to say it, Rivera acknowledged what a lot of Democrats are beginning to think, that Hillary Clinton’s trustworthiness, or lack thereof, has “crippled her as a viable candidate for president.”

And he blamed the Republican-led House Select Committee on Benghazi.

“I think the biggest bounty from the phony-baloney Benghazi hearings it the absolute destruction or the severe damage to her credibility,” Rivera said.

Thankfully, Pirro wasn’t willing to accept the excuse-making and set the record straight.

“Benghazi didn’t cripple her!” she said. “She crippled herself!”

“The woman is lying to the families of dead Americans,” Pirro added. “That tells the American people everything they need to know about her. She did herself in!”

Rivera launched into a spirited defense of the actions of the Obama administration on the night of the terrorist attack in Benghazi, to include Clinton, discounting the belief that a stand down order was given.

“Where was the cavalry?” Pirro kept asking.

Tom Tillison


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