White men need not apply; Buzzfeed senior writer sends out specifics on new-hire criteria

White males need not apply.

A Buzzfeed Canada senior writer indicated that she’s looking for freelance writers for the online publication. But if you happen to be a white male, don’t waste your breath.

Scaachi Koul indicated what she was looking for — and not looking for — in a series of tweets.

OK, so far so good. But there was more.

Emails three through seven explained what she was looking for and how to submit pitches. In email eight, she returned to the white men issue.

Then, Koul cracked the door open a tiny bit for white men — did she get a warning from the legal department?

She apparently believes white men are high maintenance.

And to make her point, she added a visual aid.

People couldn’t believe what they were reading, and tweeted back to her:

It was only a matter of time before someone brought this up.

Back in the day, signs appeared in and around Boston proclaiming “Help Wanted, no Irish need apply.”

Apparently “back in the day” has returned.


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