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Actor Donnie Wahlberg takes on ‘mainstream media’ to defend surprising GOP favorites

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Hollywood star Donnie Wahlberg dished out some serious political tweets after the New Hampshire primary that has some people wondering, and maybe even hoping … he is veering right?

No stranger to politics, and seemingly keeping his eye closely on the ever-changing political landscape, Wahlberg made some observations Tuesday that made it seem he could be rooting for one candidate.

An astute fan grabbed a screenshot of an earlier Facebook post from Wahlberg. It was there that he elaborated and praised Marco Rubio for his debate performances before his now infamous Saturday night debate flub against Chris Christie.

After Rubio’s less-than-impressive 5th place finish in the primaries were announced, Wahlberg praised the GOP contender for his classy way of handling the disappointment.

Not everyone was on board with Wahlberg’s praise for Rubio, and as anyone who’s ever voiced their political opinion knows, he was bound to take some heat:

But others viewed Rubio’s humility as a welcome change, and agreed wholeheartedly with Wahlberg.

Rubio may not have always been Wahlberg’s GOP favorite. In October, Wahlberg defended Carly Fiorina after the calamitous CNBC debate.

And it looks like he’s sad to hear she’s leaving the race.


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