ABC’s ‘Blackish’ episode preaches that blacks can’t swim because whites took pools away from them

How fortunate that ABC has gotten to the bottom of the myth about black people not being able to swim.

It turns out it’s because white people took all the pools away where they could have learned.

On the ABC sitcom “Blackish,” the character played by Anthony Anderson, Dre, takes exception to his white neighbors having pool parties without inviting his family, according to Newsbusters. Dre’s natural assumption is because the neighbors are racist and buy into the stereotype that African Americans can’t swim.

Turns out he cannot swim.

While discussing the matter with his family, Dre talked about the “legacy of black folks not swimming in America.”

“During our 300-year-long unpaid internship, we weren’t exactly encouraged to take time out for refreshing dips,” Dre said. “Of course, desegregation was a step in the right direction, until white people left the cities for the suburbs, and urban pools where black kids could learn to swim were coincidentally — do you feel my air quotes? — defunded, drained, and closed.”

“Unpaid internship” being a cute interpretation of slavery, of course.

To be fair, as noted by Newsbusters, Dre’s coworkers later explored alternative reasons why he may be excluded from the pool parties.

The coworkers suggested that maybe the neighbors just don’t like Dre and go into a whole litany of reasons why that could be, to include his tendency to think everyone hates him because he’s black:

Tom Tillison


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