Scared liberal media throws epic hissy fit over NH results

There were few experts, if any, who did not expect Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump to easily prevail in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary. After all, the candidate saw double-digit leads in the polls for weeks leading up to the election.

But that didn’t stop the liberal media from losing their collective minds over the results.

In what must be an unprecedented scenario, the GOP winner came under a full frontal assault because … well, he won.

In bold red letters, strategically placed above a picture of Trump, the Huffington Post declared that the Granite State had gone “racist,” “sexist” and “xenophobic.”


The New York Daily News got even more personal, attacking both the candidate and the voters, who they called “mindless zombies.”

In a post on Twitter calling attention to Wednesday’s headline, the newspaper played on their theme of Trump being a “dead clown walking” following last week’s Iowa caucus to declare: “DAWN OF THE BRAIN DEAD – Trump comes back to life with N.H. win.”

Social media users reacted by eviscerating the Daily News — not that the newspaper isn’t accustomed to experiencing that. Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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