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‘Becoming a habit!’ American Legion issues Sanders ‘cease and desist’ for repeatedly using emblem

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More issues with presidential candidates and their campaign mailers arose as Bernie Sanders became the next target for his fliers.

The American Legion told the Democratic candidate’s campaign that the use of the organization’s emblem in fliers was not permitted, according to ABC News.

Since January 22, the nonpartisan group has complained twice to the Vermont senator’s officials and issued the “cease and desist” order in a February 1 letter obtained by the Associated Press, reported ABC.

The letter warned the Sanders campaign to discontinue using the Legion’s emblem in campaign mailers or “any further communication about it will be through our trademark attorney in the appropriate forum.”

A New Hampshire newspaper had reported earlier that the images of veterans and pastors had been featured in Sander’s campaign mailers as well, according to ABC.

GOP candidate Ted Cruz came under fire last week for campaign mailers released ahead of the Iowa caucus. The fliers were designed to look like an official notice that warned about low voter turnout as well as details on the recipient’s voting history.

Twitter users reacted to the news on Sanders’ use of the American Legion emblem.



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