Levi’s launches new painful-sounding ‘Wedgie Fit Jeans’ – yep, they do what they say!

Bullies will need to find themselves a new pastime.

Levi’s is fixed to release a new spring 2016 line of jeans called Wedgie Fit Jeans that are purposefully built to give women that oh-so-sought-after wedgie look.

Neatly designed to squeeze and lift the derriere, Levi’s has labeled them “the cheekiest jeans in your closet.”

Here’s Kylie Jenner showing off her new pair of Wedgies on Instagram:

Kylie Instagram

Apparently responding to the demand for denims that saran wrap your butt cheeks, the wedgie jeans were inspired by girls attempting to create the look themselves by purchasing smaller jeans,  Jonathan Cheung from Levi’s Global Design told NY Daily News.

While most consider wedgies unsought and uncomfortable, the Wedgie Fit Jeans have been engineered to be stretchy and thus, prevent that unwanted feeling of riding up.

Levi 1

Let’s see how that goes over.

One thing is for sure: men everywhere are sure to love them!


H/T: NY Daily News



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