Judge posts disturbing dress code sign outside his courtroom

When public signs look like this one, it says something disturbing about where our society has ended up.

A Pennsylvania district judge is tired of people not dressing appropriately in the courtroom and has decided to hang a sign up as a reminder.

Image: WNEP

Magisterial District Judge Craig Long said he has seen more people wearing pajama bottoms as everyday attire, and feels that is not appropriate for some places — like a courtroom. “Just like if you’re going to church, you should dress appropriately,” Long told WNEP-TV. “We think that if you’re going to court, you should dress the same way.”

He is hoping the sign hung in the Columbia County courtroom lobby will get the message across.

“We have a growing problem of people not dressing appropriately for court,” Long said. “I just put it out there as a reminder of the code of conduct that should be followed when appearing in court.”

The sign is getting plenty of attention, and Long hopes that it helps people to take the reminder seriously.

“It’s not a law. It’s not a rule or something we can enforce. It’s just there as a reminder,” he said.

Watch the WNEP video below.


Frieda Powers


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