Hillary gets caught in another doozy, media mocks her for apparent FRESH lie

When it comes to Hillary Clinton, it’s getting hard to keep up with the lies, and it appears the embattled Democratic presidential contender has been caught in another doozy.

During an interview Sunday with Iowa TV station WHO-DM, Clinton shared an anecdote she claimed she heard from a man in Des Moines YESTERDAY having to do with speed limits, Fox News reported.

Except, the candidate repeated a strikingly similar story THREE WEEKS EARLIER when speaking at a Des Moines Register event, according to Fox News’ Ed Henry.

“You know it’d be like somebody in the Department of Transportation setting speed limits that had cameras where cars were going down a road, and pictures of license plates were being taken and let’s say the speed limit was 35,” Clinton said then. “And then retroactively the police say that speed limit should’ve been 25, so let’s go back and look at anybody who drove down that road and exceeded 25.”

Host Megyn Kelly asked if any other network is going to fact-check her on that, but the likelihood is not very high.

“Gives you an idea of one of the reasons why this whole question of trust, being honest has dogged her throughout the campaign,” Henry said.

Tom Tillison


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