Hillary under fire for leaving Iowa: What? I was just hangin’ with my good friend Bon Jovi

For some reason, it’s hard to fathom Hillary Clinton being pals with an iconic rocker.

Explaining why she left Iowa days before the state’s caucus, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said she went to hang out with her “good friend” Jon Bon Jovi at a Philadelphia fundraiser.

“Look, I was in Iowa yesterday, all week,” Clinton said in an interview Thursday with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. “I’m back In Iowa right now. I’ll be in Iowa through the caucus.”

In a two-fer, Clinton managed to play the “hip card” and pander to African-American voters.

“I went to Philadelphia for two things: Some of my supporters, including my good friend Jon Bon Jovi, had a fundraiser for me, and I had a long-standing meeting scheduled with fifty African-American faith leaders from across our nation,” she said.

Clinton immediately came under fire for attending the fundraiser, held at the $17 billion investment firm Franklin Square Capital Partners, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Bon Jovi performed at the event for those who pledged $1,000 to Clinton’s campaign.

Bernie Sanders, who has been very critical of Clinton for her ties to large financial firms, jumped at the opportunity to say his rival chose to raise money with the financial industry over rubbing elbows with Iowans, according to Politico.

“My opponent is not in Iowa tonight. She is raising money from a Philadelphia investment firm,” Sanders said at a campaign rally, eliciting boos from the crowd. “Frankly, I’d rather be here with you.”

Tom Tillison


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