‘Epic domestic security fail’: Jailbreak convict should have been deported 1998

One of the three convicts who escaped from a Southern California jail last week had been ordered deported years ago.

Conflicting reports said Bac Duong, 43, reportedly walked up to someone and turned himself in, or he was turned in by someone he knew, according to Fox News. Duong, along with two other inmates, cut through a screen and walked through plumbing tunnels in their escape from an Orange County jail.

Duong entered the U.S. illegally in 1991, served time in prison for burglary and was ordered back to his native Vietnam in 1998, reported Fox. But he never left.

He was taken into custody in 2003, explained former prosecutor Katie Phang on Fox Business channel Friday.

“But because ICE immigration policies state that unless you pose ‘a national security risk,’ you cannot be held indefinitely, they let him out a year later,” said Phang.

“This is an epic domestic security fail across the board,” she added.

Phang pointed out that, although Duong “reported faithfully” to immigration officials for 10 years, “along the way” he continued to commit crimes like burglary, domestic violence, carjacking and attempted murder, apparently none of which fit the domestic security risk criteria.

“It’s insane,” Phang said. “It seems like Vietnam has taken over the United States’ immigration policies because Vietnam said, ‘We’re not gonna give him the papers to send him back to us, so you guys can keep him.’”

Watch the Fox Business video below, and video update following.




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