Breaking manhunt at Disneyland Paris: At least one detained with weapons and Quran

A horrifying scenario may have been averted as French authorities detained a man entering Disneyland Paris carrying weapons and a copy of the Koran.

An X-ray machine detected the firearms, along with ammunition, as the man was entering an amusement park hotel located 20 miles outside Paris.

According to the Daily Mail:

Police swooped on the Hotel New York at Disney Village and the man, who had booked a room for two, offered no resistance as he was being taken into custody.

The couple’s car was immediately surrounded by bomb disposal experts, and the hotel car park was shut down.

The man, who is of European origin, was carrying two low-calibre handguns, according to an Interior Ministry official, while a police source said he also had ammunition.


A woman companion suspected of being with the 28-year-old man was placed under arrest, but was later released for being the wrong person, according to BBC. Search for the supposed girlfriend continues, BBC reported. There were no injuries, and the suspect did not resist arrest according to multiple reports.

France remains in a state of emergency following last November’s terrorist attacks in Paris. Disneyland Paris is one of Europe’s busiest tourist destinations, according to BBC.

This story is still developing.


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