Denmark’s punished for making refugees follow laws to get free stuff

Unhappy with the treatment of refugees in Denmark, world renowned artist Ai Weiwei announced that he has canceled his show in the country.

Weiwei takes issue with a new Danish law approved Monday that requires asylum seekers to surrender assets or cash worth more than $1400 and wait for three years before applying to have their families join them, according to BuzzFeed.

Yet another sign that the welcome mood for Middle Eastern refugees in Europe has quickly soured.

The law is similar to existing law that Danes must comply with which stipulates that they must sell off their assets beyond a certain level in order to receive government assistance, BuzzFeed reported.

The United Nations complained the Danish Parliament is unfairly targeting the most vulnerable, saying the bill “could fuel fear, xenophobia, and similar restrictions.”

Weiwei announced the decision in a post on Instgram early Wednesday.

“Ai Weiwei has decided to close his exhibition ”Ruptures” at Faurschou Foundation Copenhagen, Denmark,” the post states. “This decision follows the Danish parliament’s approval of the law proposal that allows seizing valuables and delaying family reunions for asylum seekers.”

Gallery owner Jens Faurschou stood with the artist in his decision.

Tom Tillison


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