‘Political hit job’: Judge Nap calls it like he sees it on indictment of anti-abortion activists

Judge Andrew Napolitano called the Texas grand jury indictment of the filmmakers who exposed Planned Parenthood’s selling of baby parts through a series of undercover videos a “political hit job.”

Fox News senior judicial analyst, Napolitano, appearing on “The Kelly File” Monday, said this is a case where “a political prosecutor has injected herself in a very serious issue.”

The allegations against the Houston Planned Parenthood were related to a series of undercover videos shot by the Center for Medical Progress. Sandra Merritt, a center employee, and founder David Daleiden were indicted on felony charges for tampering with a government record, according to Fox. Another charge of prohibition of the purchase and sale of human organs was brought against Daleiden, but not against Planned Parenthood.

The prosecutor, Napolitano explained, was asked to investigate the videos and whether or not they “were real.” But instead, she presented the case to the grand jury “not charging Planned Parenthood with selling body parts, but charging the journalists who were testing Planned Parenthood with participating in an actual conspiracy to sell body parts,” said Napolitano, who believed charging the filmmakers made no sense.

“These are what we call ‘crimes of intent,'” he said. “You have to intend to commit the crime. You can’t just utter the words.”

“Absolutely this is a political hit job,” he added.

Watch the Fox video below.

Social media users were just as surprised and appalled.

One Twitter user put the charges in perspective.

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