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Comedian who plays ‘Larry the Cable Guy’ blasts media: ‘Rednecks’ don’t fit their stereotypes, that’s why they hate us

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Daniel Whitney slammed the media and its efforts to stereotype ‘rednecks’ as racist, sexist and anti-Muslim, among other things.

And he should know — Whitney is more widely known as Larry the Cable Guy.

He recently stepped out of character to address the media’s frustration with ‘rednecks’ who do not fit their preconceived stereotypes, saying “that’s why they hate us.”

“They’ve drawn up this picture of how they want us to be,” Whitney said in an interview on “The Gavin McInnes Show.” “And when we’re not how they want us to be, they go insane. They cannot handle it.”

Whitney discussed how he believes the media will orchestrate events to try and portray rednecks as racist or homophobic, but that these attempts usually fail.

“When you watch all these shootings that happen, they’ll even come out and say, ‘Well, it was a white guy that was seen leaving the area with a —’ and when it’s not, you’re right, they are so flabbergasted, and it’s because what they think we are, we aren’t,” Whitney said. “And it frustrates them to no end, and that’s why they get irritated. That’s why they hate us. They hate what we stand for, they hate our values, they hate us so bad. They want it to be true, and it’s not true.”

Watch a video of the interview below.



(H/T: The Blaze)

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