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Harry Potter author’s attention-getting response to Trump spox controversial ‘pure breeds’ tweet

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Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump promises to surround himself with the best people if elected, but one of the people the real estate tycoon has already taken in is having a pretty rough go at it.

Trump’s national spokeswoman Katrina Pierson finds herself being compared to the “Death Eatersof Harry Potter lore for a remark she posted on social media four years ago that seemingly called for a pure breed president:


Noted Trump critic J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter fantasy series, responded by comparing Pierson to the fictional followers of Lord Voldemort who wanted to eliminate any non-pure wizards.

Following his proposed ban last month on Muslims entering the United States, Rowling posted on social media that Trump was worse than Harry Potter’s arch nemesis Lord Voldemort.

When asked Sunday by CNN’s Brian Stelter if she would like to retract her comment, Pierson stood strong.

“No, not at all,” she said. “These tweets — I’m an activist and I am a half-breed. I’m always getting called a half-breed. On Twitter when you’re fighting with liberals and even establishment, you go back at them in the same silliness they are giving you.”

“We have entered silly season,” Pierson added. “Donald Trump is up in the polls. There’s desperate campaigns out there, they can’t take him down so they try to take down the people that are around him.”

The Trump spokeswoman didn’t fare well on social media. Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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