Yikes! White actress says black actors are lucky

The Hollywood hoopla over the lack of diversity at the upcoming Academy Awards has now led to white actors and actresses speaking up against the #OscarsSoWhite narrative.

But it seems this push back is not gaining in popularity as social media users reacted to the commentary, especially from three white performers.

Actress Julie Delpy confessed that she wished she was African-American, claiming “Nothing worse than being a woman in this business.”

And she was summarily called out by Twitter users.

Actress Charlotte Rampling’s view that the Oscar boycotts are “racist against whites” unleashed a barrage of tweets on both sides of the issue.

Actor Michael Caine tried to bring some logic into the discussion, saying awards should not be given based on skin color but on an actor’s performance.

One Twitter user had enough of it all. 


(H/T: Twitchy)

Frieda Powers


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