Ted Cruz ‘one of us’; Healthcare cancelled ‘because of Obamacare’

Ted Cruz supporters have said that they like the GOP presidential contender because he’s a man of the people and challenges the establishment.

Cruz’s current healthcare situation might prove that theory correct.

Cruz lost his health insurance, and he’s giving Obamacare the credit.

Speaking to a group in Manchester, New Hampshire, the Texas senator said he lost the healthcare he once had, reported CNN.

“You know who one of those millions of Americans is who’s lost their healthcare because of Obamacare? That would be me. I don’t have healthcare right now,” said Cruz, who has promised to repeal all of Obamacare if he is elected.

“I had purchased an individual policy and Blue Cross Blue Shield canceled all their individual policies in the state of Texas effective December 31st,” he said. “So our healthcare got canceled. We got a notice in the mail. Blue Cross Blue Shield was leaving the market.”

Watch the video below.




Frieda Powers


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