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White comedian slammed for saying conservative Stacey Dash’s not black anymore

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Comedian John Fugelsang wasn’t so funny Wednesday when he used Twitter to declare outspoken-conservative Stacey Dash had deserted her blackness.

Dash has been taking heat for blasting the ‘white’ Oscar controversy. She used her time on Fox News to debunk a proposed Oscar boycott, and said that to truly end segregation, we need to get rid of BET and Black History Month.

That independent thought didn’t sit well with Fugelsang who took to Twitter to say Dash had “abandoned” her melanin.

What a way to get passed that whole racial thing, right?

Folks on Twitter, many of them black, were quick to take the white actor/comedian to task:

The fact that you can’t process such an ignorant, arrogant, racist statement says you’re probably on the right side of this controversy. (Pun intended.)


Never. But white people are accused of racism if they don’t tow the modern-day regressive Liberal line. Ironic, isn’t it?

Ha, nothing is that simple anymore.


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