Clinton Library to release 464 pages of records on interactions with Donald Trump

Talk about a turn of events: have the Clintons suddenly taken an interest in releasing records?

Perhaps not, but the National Archives certainly has.

In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, President Bill Clinton’s presidential library is about to make public 464 pages of records involving interactions with Donald Trump.

Records that could potentially impact the Republican presidential front-runner’s position in the GOP primary election.

Politico reported:

The records will detail the Clinton White House’s interactions with Trump and his Trump Organization, as well as how Clinton aides prepared to field questions about Trump’s entry into the 2000 presidential race, where he sought the nomination of the Reform Party for a few months before dropping out.

The files could revive questions about the friendly relationship Trump had with Bill and and Hillary Clinton before Trump launched his presidential bid last year and began taking a withering line against the Clintons.


Interestingly, Politico reported that an earlier request in 2011 for correspondence from the real estate tycoon to Clinton or his aides yielded no records.

The National Archives oversees the presidential records stored at the Clinton Library, and detailed the information to be released in a statement — it was not made clear who initiated the FOIA request.

“The Clinton Presidential records proposed for opening consist of email concerning birthday notes sent from President Clinton to Mr. Trump,” the notice said. “Email also includes references to his campaign for President in 1999. Also present is a printed database entry concerning Trump’s invitations to White House events, a photograph of President Clinton with Donald Trump at Trump Towers in New York, an autographed copy of Mr. Trump’s book The Art of the Deal, and briefing materials for press events that include media questions about Mr. Trump’s possible run for the presidency in 2000.”

All of which could prove to be a treasure trove for Trump’s primary opponents.

Tom Tillison


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