Chris Rock’s in a bind hosting ‘white’ Oscars; Piers Morgan has a plan

If “hands up, don’t shoot” taught America anything, it is that the presence of racism is not required to build a trumped-up nationwide narrative of racial oppression.

Fast forward nearly 18 months and that lesson can be seen in all its glory in the claim that Hollywood is racist because the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences didn’t nominate any black actors for an Oscar this year — for the record, 32 Oscars have been awarded to African Americans.

Oh, and the Academy president, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, is a black woman.

Black comedian Chris Rock is scheduled to host the Oscars this year, and he is being pressured by other black artists to pull out over the perceived slight.

Rock, who has not been shy about labeling Hollywood racist — having once called Los Angeles “a slave state” — has been quiet thus far.

Piers Morgan, the former MSNBC host who failed brilliantly, has a more militant idea for Rock, urging him to go rogue and to “rip the Academy to pieces.”

In an op-ed for the Daily Mail, Morgan wrote that boycotting Hollywood isn’t the answer; rather, he said he’d prefer to “see every major black star attend this year’s Oscars and only speak about this issue in every interview they give on the red carpet.”

“Then I’d like to see the black host, Chris Rock – one of the sharpest, most brilliant stand-up comedians in the world – ignore his undoubtedly very carefully crafted, PC-friendly teleprompter script and rip the Academy to pieces in front of a billion viewers worldwide,” Morgan wrote.

(A billion viewers might be a slight exaggeration.)

“Imagine if he just stood there, exposing the racist underbelly at the heart of Hollywood until a panic-stricken load of crusty old white Academy buffers raced on stage to drag him away and stop him talking,” he continued.

The television personality said it “would be the most electrifying moment in Oscars history.”

“The only thing stopping Rock from doing this is the inevitable threat of ‘you’ll never work in this town again,'” Morgan said. “But very few black people work in this town anyway, not at any significant level – that’s the whole damn shameful point.”

He concluded by slamming the “white guys” running Hollywood studios who don’t think black actors sell movies: “I suspect these very same people never thought America would have a black president, either.”

Tom Tillison


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