Video: Carly Fiorina engages with 10-year-old Muslim girl about what a ‘moron’ Donald Trump is

ABC News found small Muslim children that are so politically savvy they know just the right question to ask Carly Fiorina in an autograph line.

“Do you think Donald Trump is taking away our rights by not letting Muslims in the country because there’s some terrorist attacks?” an eight-year-old Muslim boy politely asked the candidate at a Saturday night rally in southern New Hampshire.

“I think Donald Trump says a lot of things that are crazy,” Fiorina answered, before the boy’s 10-year-old sister Zahra blurted out, “Donald Trump’s a moron.”

“There you go!” Fiorina replied. “Donald Trump’s a moron. Out of the mouths of babes.”

ABC News was conveniently available to capture the exchange on camera and then treated us to a lecture from the young child on why “Donald Trump is a moron.”

Watch the exchange via ABC News:

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